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Hey I sent out the invitations so could Somebody Tell Chris?

I know the year and the Day and the Age of

Pervasive chronic cultural decay

Is, after all these years, finally upon us

And we choose sides between the Voyeurs and the Narcissists,

Our curiosity regarding others battling

Our inherent love of self.

A decay and culture that, now near Commercialistmas 2011, she has somehow escaped,

Seemingly so simply done but ties cut hard:

Giving it up, man, giving up tobacco, alcohol, coffee,

Giving up the hard stuff, man,

Because if you’re not careful that shit’ll kill ya.

And sure I saw her this afternoon,

And I asked about yesterday,

But tomorrow is the new today and we age, we’ve aged,

We’re aging faster than anyone has ever aged before,

Because life a slippery slope to us is about getting what we want

NOW and doing what we need

LATER and staying flawlessly happy and young

FOREVER Obviously,

Because if we’re immortal in pixels then we’re never going to die for real,

So long as we sacrifice




If we valued those I think maybe we wouldn’t have been so quick and eager to lose them in the first place.

At least…

That’s what I think.

Anyway, the event is tomorrow and I sent out the invitations but I would appreciate it if somebody told Chris.